Why StyleRocks decided to introduce 3D printed rings

Why StyleRocks decided to introduce 3D printed rings or ‘how it just made so much sense!’

Firstly, we need to apologise as it’s been a while between blog posts; not for lack of wanting to, more that well, let’s just say the blog disappeared. Completely. Not because we wanted it to.

But back to the topic at hand. You may have noticed that we have a completely new-look website. Yes! Looking very chic if we do say so ourselves. Still quite a bit of work to do in the back end of course (does a website ever finish?) but looking good so far.

As part of the new website, we introduced a couple of new features, one of which is the ability to purchase a 3D ring prior to purchase.

Introducing 3D printed rings to the jewellery world

What is a 3D printed ring? Well, it’s the ring that you desire…made of a white polymer (plastic).  Here is a picture of one of our best-selling pieces, the StyleRocks green amethyst emerald cut ring in sterling silver.



Now, here is that same ring in 3D, shown from a number of different angles:


stylerocks-3d-emerald-cut-printed-ring stylerocks-3d-emerald-cut-printed-ring stylerocks-3d-emerald-cut-printed-ring

Why would StyleRocks offer 3D printed rings?

There are a number of reasons we decided to offer 3D printed rings:

1. Being a pure-play online website, this is essentially a ‘try on at home’ service. This really helps build the bridge between the online and offline worlds. Not only does this service help you get the size right, but it also gives you a very good idea of how the real ring will look on your hand. Not everybody suits an emerald cut shape, for example.

2. While StyleRocks offers free ring resizing as part of our service, what we found was that we were having an unusually large number of customers getting the ring size wrong. And not just by one size…but by quite a few sizes. Which causes problems with resizing. So the introduction of the 3D service makes for a smoother process for all.

3. It’s a really cool thing to do! We may be biased but we think it’s innovation at its best.

How does the 3D printing service at StyleRocks work?

It’s quite simple! You select the ring that you like the look of, choose your size and then purchase the 3D version for just $29.95.

The ring is shipped direct to you within 6-12 business days.

Once you’ve received the ring, checked how it looks and its fit, then you return to www.stylerocks.com to purchase the real deal – and you’re able to redeem your $29.95 against the value of the product.

So you’re not out of pocket at all, and you have the peace of mind knowing that you have tried it on prior to purchase.

StyleRocks has been lucky to have received positive media coverage with regards to this innovation; StartupSmart in particular highlighted that  “One of the challenges being online is people can’t touch and see the product,” she says. “What we thought would be a really good way to bridge the online and offline world is to offer the 3D printing service.”

RagTrader also correctly noted that “Online retailer StyleRocks is about to introduce an Australian first for the jewellery sector.”

What are you waiting for?!




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