What Your Birthstone Says About You: January

The traditional birthstone for the month of January is the garnet, one of the most ancient and revered gemstones.

What Your Birthstone Says About You JanuaryFrequently found in a deep crimson color, garnets can actually be found in all colors of the rainbow, and each hue is supposed to imbue the stone with slightly different though related mystical properties. As used by the ancient Egyptians, numerous Native American tribes, Nordic tribes, and all three major religions from the Middle East (Christians, Jews, Muslims), the garnet is a source of creative energy, purification, and love.

Garnets have been used extensively in healing ceremonies, and their energy was believed to confer invulnerability on those who wore or carried the stones. Today, the creative force of the garnet makes its use popular in manifestation rituals, cleansing ceremonies to remove toxins from the body, and as a protective amulet to ward off bad dreams and other evils.

Blood-colored garnets were considered especially powerful both as sources of healing and of wounding one’s enemies—destruction being the necessary balance to creation. Other colors of the gemstone were believed to be stronger in some areas and weaker in others, though there is little consistency in the variations ascribed to different colors by different cultures.

The Garnet’s Character

You are an intrepid dreamer; a healer, but with the capacity to become a warrior when the situation calls for it. A creative spirit with the ability to call form out of the ether, your abundant energy is both your greatest blessing and your gravest danger. Focusing on love will keep you on the path of light.

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