What Your Birthstone of Amethyst Says About You: February

Amethyst has been associated with the month of February since before the ancient Romans gave us our calendar as we know it today, and it remains the traditional birthstone for the shortest month of the year.

What Your Birthstone Says About You FebruaryBig things often lurk beneath the surface of even the smallest facets, though; a lesson that the birthstone of amethyst is well poised to teach. Associated with fire and passion as well as logic and temperance, the word “amethyst” actually comes from a Greek word meaning “not intoxicated.” It was believed that the calming energy of the amethyst and its connection to the powers of reason and temperamental control could actually prevent intoxication from alcohol and other substances.

It wasn’t just intoxicants that amethyst protected against, either. Any situation where passion threatened to overwhelm reason could be centered and calmed with an application of amethyst. This is the quality that led to the adoption of amethyst by the Catholic church as the “Bishop’s Stone”, found in episcopal rings, and has given the purple-hued gem an association with wisdom that stretches back thousands of years. Similarly, amethysts have long been the favourites of royalty; amethysts are found in the British Crown Jewels, and were reputed to be a favourite gemstone of Catherine the Great.

Yet amethyst isn’t entirely staid or stoic; it’s long been aligned with deep and honorable passion as well as fire itself—a heat that consumes, sometimes uncontrollably. It is in this balance between power and control that amethyst’s true nature is found.



Above: the StyleRocks cushion checkerboard pink amethyst ring set in 9ct rose gold

The Amethyst’s Character

You are a calm touchstone in the lives of those around you, but still waters run deep. Your passion knows depths most could never understand, yet your wisdom almost always keeps your impulses in check. A decisive decision maker, you will achieve greatness when steered by a strong moral compass…without one, you risk self destruction.

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