What Jewellery Colours Suit My Skin Tone?

What colour suits your skin tone best — silver or gold? Or how about a bit of both? While there’s nothing wrong with simply wearing what you love, finding metals and gem stones to complement your skin tone will always look stunning.

In fact, the right colours against your skin will help you look healthier. They can even soften those imperfections you don’t like — like wrinkles, under-eye circles, and discolorations. You can actually get away with less makeup when you wear the right colour for your skin tone.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

Surprisingly, skin tone isn’t about the colour of your skin. Rather, it’s about the undertones of your skin. In fact, many people with dark skin actually have a cool skin tone. Likewise, it’s possible to have light skin but a warm skin tone.

So is your skin tone warm or cool? Most people have a bit of both, with one emerging dominant over the other. How do you find your dominant skin tone?

The answer lies in your veins.

Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, your veins will appear blue or purple in natural light and your skin will have pink or red undertones. You probably deal with sunburns quite often, and you may have pale skin or show signs of redness. You probably have blonde, dark brown, or black hair with light blue or brown eyes.

Warm Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, your veins are more green in natural light. You likely tan easily, and your skin will show yellow or gold undertones. You may have ebony or espresso colored skin. Your hair will likely be red or light blonde, and your eyes may be bright blue, green, or hazel.

What Metals and Colours Suit Cool Skin Tones?

White metals — like silver, white gold, and platinum — are beautiful against cool skin tones. The best gemstones are red, purple, or blue. And pearls? White or rose-tinted pearls look stunning on a cool-skinned girl.


What Metals and Colours Suit Warm Skin Tones?

Yellow metals — like yellow gold and copper — are stunning against warm skin. Rose gold and brass jewellery are also a good choice. The gemstones that work best with warm skin are yellow, orange, and green coloured. A warm-skinned girl can pull off silver pearls beautifully, as well as white.


How Can You Tell If the Colour is Right?

It’s not an exact science, so use this test to determine if your jewellery is the right colour for your skin tone:

  1. Does the colour make you look healthier? If so, it’s right for you.
  2. If you see dark, unflattering shadows on your skin near the colour, choose a different metal or gemstone.

Again, gold will look better against warm skin tones, and silver against cool. Don’t notice anything negative with either metal? You’re likely a neutral and can easily get away with both.


Happily enough, you don’t need to worry when it comes to diamonds because diamonds sparkle beautifully against any skin. Cool or warm — it doesn’t matter. A diamond is truly any girl’s best friend.


Break the Rules

Truly, though, these are simply guidelines. Your personality, style, and preference are all just as important when choosing jewellery. When it comes down to it, wear what makes you feel gorgeous and confident — because that’s when you’ll shine.

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