What is StyleRocks?

StyleRocks is a ground-breaking customisable jewellery website which disrupts the traditional jewellery design and purchase model. By cutting out the middleman – the jeweller – and partnering with Australia’s largest manufacturer, you can create your beautiful customised jewellery online for a fraction of the retail price.

By tackling the back-end issues, StyleRocks addresses the typical jewellery customisation pain points of time, inconvenience, expense and lack of knowledge. Further, by enabling the customer to design quality affordable jewellery online with ease, StyleRocks brings jewelry customization to the mass market.

You see, typically, jewellery customisation involves going to a jeweller; time-consuming, expensive, with an entry price point around $1000 and requiring a certain amount of knowledge to make informed choices. The alternative is to select jewellery from existing inventory either in-store or online; often customers are forced to settle for something that isn’t right or is mass-produced, simply because of the lack of options available. The jewellers themselves will only carry a piece in two metals or with 3 different gemstones; because they have to carry inventory, or because they’re dealing with a wholesaler who doesn’t offer the same flexibility as dealing at source.

StyleRocks offers customers the ability to customise their own quality jewellery online at an affordable pricepoint. For example, the emerald cut amethyst cocktail ring would cost around $1200 to have it made at a jeweller; at StyleRocks, it’s available for $533. And as we’re online, we’re able to offer 8 different metals and up to 16 different gemstones per style!

Other than solving the traditional pain points of jewellery customisation, StyleRocks opens up a new market to mass customisation through ease and convenience: where else can you design a silver heart pendant for your mother, customised with her birthstone and engraved with a special message for under $200?

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