What are the alternatives to birthstones?

Everybody likes the idea of birthstones. But what happens if you don’t like your birthstone?! I’ve understood that there’s a range of birthstones for me, being born in August: onyx, amethyst…none of which particularly suit me!

Let’s recap exactly what a birthstone is. According to Wikipedia, “A birthstone is a gift of a precious material (jewelry, mainly gemstones; themselves traditionally associated with various qualities) that symbolizes the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. It is sometimes also called birthday stone (cf. infra; but that word is, confusingly, sometimes used as a synonym for an anniversary gift, which is related to the recipient’s age, that is, year of birth).”

The Gregorian calendar is the Western calendar, also known as the Christian calendar – the normal generally accepted calendar. But there are birthstones for different calendars, such as the mystical and Ayurvedic birthstone calendar – both of which are based on the Tibetan calendar.

The Modern birthstone calendar is based on the Traditional birthstone calendar, and was really just an attempt to simplify it.

Largely, the stones for each month are the same across all four calendars. For example, garnet is January’s stone for each except the Mystical calendar, where it’s Emerald. Similarly, Ruby is the stone for July except for the Traditional calendar, where it’s Turquoise or Onyx.

Here’s the complete birthstone chart as provided by Wikipedia:

Month Traditional Birthstone(s) Modern Birthstone(s) Mystical Birthstone Ayurvedic Birthstone
January Garnet Garnet Emerald Garnet
February Amethyst, Hyacinth, Pearl Amethyst Bloodstone Amethyst
March Bloodstone, Jasper Aquamarine Jade Bloodstone
April Diamond, Sapphire Diamond Opal Diamond
May Emerald, Agate Emerald Sapphire Agate
June Cat’s Eye, Turquoise, Agate Moonstone, Pearl Moonstone Pearl
July Turquoise, Onyx Ruby Ruby Ruby
August Sardonyx, Carnelian, Moonstone, Topaz Peridot Diamond Sapphire
September Chrysolite Sapphire Agate Moonstone
October Opal, Aquamarine Opal, Tourmaline Jasper Opal
November Topaz, Pearl Topaz, Citrine Pearl Topaz
December Bloodstone, Ruby Turquoise, Blue Topaz Onyx Ruby

This is pretty much the basis that I’m using for the birthstones on offer at StyleRocks.

Looking at the above chart, my traditional stones are sardonyx, carnelian, moonstone or topaz. None of them particularly suit me, nor the peridot from the modern birthstone column, so I think I’ll have to follow the Tibetan calendars where diamonds or sapphires are the stones of choice!

Or – looking at it another way – I can look at the Birthday stone chart, which is:
Monday: Pearl
Tuesday: Garnet
Wednesday: Emerald
Thursday: Topaz
Friday: Diamond
Saturday: Blue Sapphire
Sunday: Ruby

Diamonds again! Good thing I love them so much :-)


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