Veni, Vidi, Vogued

Roughly translated as ‘I came, I saw, I Vogued’.

Tonight was Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Sydney. And what an evening!

Katie Campbell from Firehosiery met me at Paspaley Pearls; their theme was Polo, Pimms and Pearls. So there were some handsome horsies (with more handsome riders), delicious drinks and some truly stunning jewellery. My favourite was this pearl and diamond necklace below.

And of course, some more ‘everyday wear’ pearl items, as we see here – you can tell the quality of the pearls even with this iPhone photo:

And it would be rude of me not to include a photo of the horses:

Then it was on to Tiffany, who had the whole 70s glam party look going. There was a DJ spinning some cool tunes, Katie & I had our photo taken and converted to an Andy Warhol-style picture (see below), and a popcorn stand out the front – just what we needed! Lots of people inside and we noticed the cash registers ringing: ker-ching, ker-ching! Definitely the venue with the best vibe.

Off to Swarovski, where I was photographed with their Power Bag – that photo better make it on to Facebook! Lots of customers in Swarovski, a good vibe, people having fun.

Then I headed in to Cartier, where I found a particularly helpful and informative assistant. I had found myself at the wedding and engagement ring counters, so I asked about their best sellers. For wedding rings, it’s the half-eternity ring, or the Cartier wedding band with a single diamond inset. Good news for StyleRockers – you’ll be able to create exactly this style (minus the Cartier of course!) on StyleRocks!

With engagement rings – not that we’re offering them on StyleRocks – the most popular engagement ring is the 1895 style: a single round brilliant cut (1.3 carats) in a 4 claw setting on a platinum band. The amped-up version of this comes in a 2.56 carat version…I tried to guess how much this particular ring retailed for, and was only $45k off the mark…$145,000! Understandably, there’s only one of those sold once a year or so in this particular Sydney store.

Most money spent in a single session by a Cartier customer? About $2.2 million. Nice job!

Then it was off for a quick look around Georg Jensen but nothing particular caught my eye.

In summary for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: there were lots of people shopping, everyone was having a good time – and yours truly had a blast.

Thank you Vogue!

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