20th century jewellery icons and women

20th century jewellery icons and women

There were quite a few iconic jewellery wearers in the 20th century however we’re going to take a look at just a few of them.

Coco Chanel and her jewellery of choice, pearls

Coco Chanel has to be one of the most iconic jewellery wearers. Chanel was a big fan of pearls and wore them in long ropes around her neck as we see here. She liked to mix her real pearls with costume jewellery too, perhaps starting the trend that we know now as mixing luxe with high street. Her affinity with pearls continued on with the result that Chanel carries pearls in every jewellery collection it produces.

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Elizabeth Taylor, jewellery record-setter

And then we come to one of the most influential, best known jewellery wearers – Elizabeth Taylor. Her jewellery collection was legendary – her husband (twice over) Richard Burton was responsible for contributing to much of it. Some of the more memorable pieces were the Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69 carat diamond necklace. But my personal favourite is the La Peregrina Pearl, a 55 carat pear-shaped pearl.

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Grace Kelly, princess of diamonds

The last iconic jewellery wearer of the twentieth century under examination is Grace Kelly. Known for her flawless beauty and elegance, this translated into the way she wore her diamonds. Perhaps her most famous piece is her Cartier engagement ring from Prince Rainier of Monaco – a whopping 12 carats. Not as big as Miss Taylor’s but in line with her personality, worn discreetly.

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What’s the common thread here? Whether they were royalty – Cleopatra, Queens Elizabeth and Victora, and eventually Grace Kelly – or women who changed society in a particular way through their politics, fashion or talent – they were all women of power and influence.


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