The uniting power of lapis lazuli

This post covers the uniting power of lapis lazuli – and a few other adventures as well.

As avid StyleRocks blog readers will know, I happened to have the good fortune to visit Silicon Valley on an entrepreneurial study tour, alongside 10 other business women, as organised by Commonwealth Bank’s Women In Focus team. To say that this trip expanded our horizons is an understatement. Not only did we meet entrepreneurs, VC firms but we also had amazing access to household names. We met IBM and Cisco. We visited LinkedIn and Eventbrite. We went to the Facebook campus at 1 Hacker Way, just to name a few. You can read more about the trip here.

With most trips, it’s soon but a pleasant distant memory. Not this one. The “Silicon Sisters” have proven to be a formidable network of support and assistance, helping each other with business and in our everyday lives. The trip was a game-changer at a personal level for each of us, and now we’ve gone on to become close confidantes too.

The mantra of Women in Focus is to Inspire, Inform and Connect: so let’s look at the ways in which the members of this group have collaborated:

  • Workible┬áprovided Lollypotz with much needed casual staff during peak season
  • Fifth Quadrant hosted and facilitated focus group market research for StyleRocks
  • Lollypotz collaborated with PodLegal to celebrate their 3rd birthday anniversary, gifting their clients with “PodPotz”
  • Workible and StyleRocks provided Flamingo with pitch coaching
  • Lollypotz and the Pharmacy Guild worked together at a conference
  • StyleRocks and Lollypotz combined forces to create a ‘Chocolates Now, Jewellery For Later‘ marketing campaign timed for Valentine’s Day.

Women in Focus championed as many of the above causes as they could, while PodLegal ensured that social networks were covered!

These are just a few of the collaborations. The stories that accompany these collaborations are more complex to share here!

So now we had a group that we connected virtually. But how did we connect physically?

Well, what better way than with jewellery?

In true collaborative style, a number of StyleRocks jewellery pieces were put to the vote. The winner – by quite some margin – was the StyleRocks 9 carat yellow gold ring set with lapis lazuli. Its 12mm cabochon lapis lazuli is truly gorgeous, and the flecks of gold in the gemstone are set off perfectly by its yellow gold setting.

Engraved with a special message for its wearers, the ring symbolises a circularity and bond, as manifested during Silicon Valley. The choice of lapis lazuli is particularly fitting: as we covered in this blog post here on lapis, the gemstone promotes friendship and harmony.

The rings were ready at last; here we see them united all together.

While this picture shows Bronwen from Digital Sorbet modelling hers in a very artsy, Vogue-ish way.

So were we informed by Silicon Valley? Yes. Were we inspired? Most definitely. Were we connected? With our forged friendships and connections, as symbolised by this ring, the answer is – more than ever.

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