The mass customisation movement

Recently, StyleRocks was profiled online by Power Retail. In the interview, we were asked our thoughts about mass customisation – that is, the ability to create custom items by lots of people. StyleRocks is at the vanguard of jewellery customisation, but there are a number of other mass customisation players in Australia (more later). It makes me proud, to think that we’re leading the world in this space.

But first, let’s think a little bit about mass customisation: There are more than 6 billion people in this world who all, in some way, want to express their style and individuality. We´re at the cutting edge of seeing people express themselves through being able to create jewellery, clothes, furniture, or even sporting equipment; the success of mass customisation sites to date will only encourage further growth in this sector. In terms of what the future holds, online retail will definitely bring more mass customised sites, as people not only want to express their personal style, but have what is right for them, and not settle for something that is only acceptable or mass produced.

One other new kid on the mass customisation block is Vinspi – where you create your men’s suit online. This is an easy to use website, where you choose your lapels, your vents, whether you would like pleats or not in your trousers…as well as of course, choosing your fabric, giving your measurements, etc. The turnaround time is 2 weeks, and all custom suits are priced below $500 which I think is amazing.

A couple of my favourite ‘pre-designed’ suits are below:

And this lovely charcoal number:

And of course – these suits are the perfect accessory for a set of StyleRocks cufflinks – designed so that they’re just right for you, or your gift recipient!

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