The Duchess of Cambridge: the new jewellery icon for our time?

Thinking about women of power and influence and their relationship to jewellery, it’s not hard to see the Duchess might be the next big jewellery icon of our times.

It’s a tricky line to walk: the newly wed’s personal style is to be discreet and not showy – which marries well with Britain’s somewhat austere economic environment. That said, the Duchess is everyone’s new favourite royal and with fashion and style credibility, there is an expectation of her.

To date, she’s walked the line beautifully. Her access and accession to the Royal family means she has worn jewels the rest of us can only dream about. Of course, there’s the sapphire engagement ring which belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana but my favourite ‘Royal’ piece so far is the Cartier diamond halo she wore on her wedding day. Originally made in 1936, it was presented by the Duke of York (later King George VI) to his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. In time, it was presented to Princess Elizabeth for her 18th birthday and then she, now Queen Elizabeth II, loaned it to the Duchess for her wedding day. I also liked her wedding earrings, a gift from her parents: made by Robinson Pelham, the acorn motif reflects the new Middleton family crest.

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But as we’ve seen from her style so far, it’s not all sapphires and diamonds! The Duchess likes to mix it up with some more high street brands, such as these Links of London lavender iolite earrings that she wore to the Ark Ball recently.


And of course, there’s this gold bracelet – I’m not sure where it comes from but seeing as I have the EXACT SAME ONE, I’m going to guess that hers is also an antique!

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I admire the way she can wear silver or gold, diamonds or sapphires, high street or luxury and yet makes it all her own…she really embodies the StyleRocks spirit!


5 thoughts on “The Duchess of Cambridge: the new jewellery icon for our time?

  1. I could not agree more – I think Kate will definitely wear many magnificient pieces over the coming years which will stay with us forever! I think the acorn earrings she wore at her wedding were so special, a subtle and stylish nod to her own family. She is very elegant and graceful, and I always enjoy seeing photos of what she has been wearing and of course with what pieces of jewellery!

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