The definition of cool – and how it relates to jewellery

Last night I had the good fortune to be invited to XChange, an event hosted by Carrie by Daily Addict. The kind inviter was the fabulous Ms Fox, Director of Fashion and Founder of Shoes of Prey. Shoes of Prey are the team that have inspired the template for StyleRocks, and, apart from being really generous with their time, knowledge and tips, are a lovely bunch of people.

The topic was “Have you ever wondered who decides what´s cool? Established coolhunters Fiona Lyda (Spence & Lyda) and Linda Gregoriou (Pure and General) will gaze into their crystal balls and tell us what the future looks like from a design perspective.”

Fiona and Linda were very articulate and echoed many of the thoughts that I have in my head as to what is ‘cool’. ‘Cool’ can be innovation, cool can be of the moment, but cool is also what speaks to you and resonates with you personally. What StyleRocks offers you – the ability to create your very own jewellery – is, I believe, fundamentally cool. Not only from a technology point of view, but also because it’s innovative. However, because each jewellery item will be exactly what you’ve designed, it’s going to tick the box in terms of being an expression of you.

The ‘cool speakers’ also made an interesting point with regards to design. It doesn’t have to be expensive, although many of the quality design pieces are. If you want an investment, Fiona said, you will have to pay the money. And I’m a great believer in that too. But sometimes you can have really great functional pieces that don’t have to be top-end. They both admitted to having Ikea products – as did most of the audience! To draw a conclusion, they’re talking about mixing luxury with high-end and making it your own – and that proposition, of making it your own, is what StyleRocks gives you the opportunity to do.





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