Tales from the Emerald Isle

My brother was recently in the Emerald Isle, together with his *STOP PRESS* fiancee, who hails from Ireland herself. So I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the two of them on their engagement – I think you’re a wonderful couple and am so thrilled that you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together.

While the proposal didn’t take place in the Emerald Isle, the engagement ring is an cushion cut emerald, surrounded by small round brilliant cut diamonds in a square setting, with a white gold ring. My brother chose an emerald as the stone not only to acknowledge his fiancee’s heritage but because emerald really really really suits her skin tones.

A little bit about emeralds: traditionally, it’s regarded as one of the precious gemstones. It’s the birthstone of May, and represents both the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Emerald is actually a variety of beryl (another stone), and coloured green by chromium. Emeralds are mined in many countries around the globe including Egypt, Austria, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Australia and South Africa among others. However, it’s the Colombian emeralds that are the most highly sought after and are recognised as the world’s finest.

With emeralds, they are naturally inherently included – inclusions refer to marks or fractures within the stones. These inclusions create planes of weakness within the gems, which in turn make them fragile. To find a perfect emerald ie without inclusions is quite a rarity; this, combined with the fact that so much of each typical stone has to be cut away (to get rid of the inclusions), is what makes emeralds an expensive stone.

Emeralds come in many hues: the traditional ’emerald’ that we all know, but they can range to include grass green, sea green and green tinged with yellow.

Will we be offering emeralds with StyleRocks? Of course we will! What will you be able to do with them? You can add them as a touch of luxury to pendants, bracelets – or even create an eternity ring with them if you wanted to!

My brother’s fiancee is a lucky girl!

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