Summer style jewelry

Summer! What jewelry to wear?

This can be a tricky one. In Australia, it can get really hot of course, so you need to think about what’s durable, what doesn’t matter if it gets suncream on it, and what will be resistant to lots of hand-washing!

That’s the practical answer.

The more creative answer is to wear what makes you happy.

On a recent photo shoot, I was particularly inspired by sunny skies and sparkling seas. Lots of blue-based gemstones and diamonds particularly.

These are my new favourite earrings, the princess cut blue topaz sterling silver drop earrings; their cut means they catch the light beautifully.


And here we see them on – their 10mm gemstone width is really quite significant:



On my hands, I wore the emerald cut amethyst cocktail ring, and a selection of sparkling diamond rings on my right hand; the princess cut diamond white gold ring, the round brilliant cut diamond yellow gold ring and the yellow gold diamond eternity ring. I adore the stacking effect that they give. And their princess cut and round brilliant cuts make them extra sparkly.

Here we see a close-up of the round brilliant cut diamond yellow gold ring and the yellow gold diamond eternity ring (with a hat, of course).

This is a great shot of the rings’ profiles:


My favourite yellow gold oval link bracelet is something I wear religiously too.


What are your favourite pieces of jewelry to wear in summer?

Pascale x




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