StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace: making something old new

Russian Rings. They’ve been around since Elizabethan times. So they’re old! How then did StyleRocks create a new Russian Rings necklace?

How StyleRocks collaborated with What Kate Wore

Recently, we collaborated with the wonderful & respected blog What Kate Wore. We were looking to co-design a piece that commemorated the visit of the Duchess of Cambridge to Australia in April 2014.

We went back and forth over email about what kind of ‘style’ we should adopt. Something classic and mummy-oriented, to reflect the Duchess’ new role in life, or something more iconic and Australian, to reflect this unique occasion? It was a tough decision.

Eventually we ended up co-designing the ‘Terre-et-Mer’ necklace seen below; you can read about its creative journey at our blog post. The response to this design by the What Kate Wore readers has been nothing short of astounding, as you can see on the WKW blog.


The idea for the Russian Ring necklace started QUITE some time ago…

We pursued the second idea nonetheless, of having something Mummy-oriented. In particular, I was inspired by a 9 carat yellow gold Russian Ring that I was given for a birthday, over 25 years ago!! Here’s a picture of this beautiful piece.


I used to wear it all the time – and still often do. I love the way that it sits on my finger, and I often fiddle with it, enjoying the sensation of the rings rolling against each other. I love its symbolism; the three rings are said to represent the Holy Trinity. But they can represent other concepts too: Past, Present, Future. Peace, Love, Harmony. There’s something about the number 3 that is truly magical. And in this ring, they represent a connectedness that can never be broken. And all rings are equal.

So the creative question then became: what if we enlarged it and put it on a necklace? Necklaces are easier for online purchase than rings, from a sizing perspective. Something that was a statement. Something that would be a conversation piece. Something that could be worn every day. But not too ostentatious, otherwise no-one would wear it. But the original ring style had to be adapted, to accommodate the wider designs, as well as having its profile flattened a bit so it could be engraved.

And the StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace is born

And so the StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace was born. And being StyleRocks, a customisable jewellery business, this meant offering it in a range of metals, a range of colours and of course, a range of chain lengths. And of course, you could engrave it too – choosing from a range of fonts, as we see below: Latin, Italics and Arial respectively.





You can see how these look when worn here, with the 80cm chain length: a great Mother’s Day jewellery gift idea.


So the ‘concept’ of a Russian Rings necklace is not new. But as we’ve covered before, with over 4000 years of jewellery history, there isn’t really anything ‘new’ in the jewellery world. What IS new is being able to customise it yourself, with what is pretty much a straight-through relationship with Australia’s largest manufacturer. Thanks to this partnership, we’ve been able to give you the design flexibility to meet your customisation specifications.

We partnered up with Babyology to talk about the Russian Rings necklace, and response to it has been NUTS!

We’ve worked quickly to introduce a lighter version of this Russian Rings necklace (same width and diameter), calling the original ‘Big Daddy’ and the lighter one ‘Strong Mama’. ‘Junior’ and ‘Baby’ to follow in a matter of hours!

UPDATE: Please meet Lottie, the lighter version of our original design. At approximately 40g, Lottie is lighter than the original 60g thanks to a hollowed-out back. This makes a big difference, particularly when it comes to 9 carat gold prices.

And we’d like to introduce Alexandra: Alexandra’s individual ring size measures 3cm (compared to the original 4cm) and width is 3mm (compared to 4mm). Alexandra is solid bangles (like the original) but overall weighs significantly less, at approx. 27g.

Finally, meet Zan: Zan – an abbreviation of Alexandra – is the same dimensions as Alexandra (ie 3cm, 3mm) but with a hollowed-out back, weighs approx. 20g.

Here’s hoping you find something you love!

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