The StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace TVC

StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace TVC photoshoot

Last week we had our photoshoot for the amazing StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace. The hero was the ‘Charlotte’, our best-selling Russian Rings necklace, which measures 4cm in diameter for each ring, and is solid sterling silver.

The reason for the photoshoot was because StyleRocks had been approached to be an advertising partner by the Sydney Film Festival! Too exciting for words.

With advertising in the hub of Martin Place – the hive of activity in the Sydney CBD and of course, surrounded by big-name jewellery brands (think Tiffany & Co, Percy Marks, Fairfax & Roberts), this seemed like a great opportunity to communicate the beauty of this amazing necklace to some 90,000 people passing through there each day! And on the really big TV screens set up specially for the festival.

The theme of film made it almost compulsory that we told a story…the question was ‘how’, in the 15 seconds available to us?

Which StyleRocks product did we tell a story about?

With the Charlotte Russian Rings necklace, I have always been mesmerised by the way they roll around each other and move – entranced by their symmetry and beauty you might say.

I also love all the reasons you might wear them – for you, for him, for your children.

I love their timelessness  – that they can be worn at any age, and will never look out of date.

So the concept of Day & Night began to take shape…

‘Day & Night’ – featuring our Russian Rings necklace

Here are some of the amazing photos, taken by the talented Sam at Skuvantage.

With makeup by Bernadette Talbot, modelled by Bronwen Vance & Charlotte Helyar.

To say we had an abundance of choice with our final photos was an understatement: here are some of my favourites from the ‘Day’ photos:

Bronwen is radiating light in this photo


  I love how the necklace really pops against the pink top


 This photo with Charlotte is my favouritestylerocks-russian-rings-necklace-silver-charlotte

And then we turn to the super sultry ‘Night’ photos:


This bronze dress really showed off the rose gold necklace

 But there’s something about the way this silver necklace really glows that makes it stand out against the black dress


 In the end, we had to make a final selection for our 15 second commercial – watch it below and tell us what you think! x


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