StyleRocks designs jewellery for Lana del Rey

So we love Lana del Rey. She took an old genre – that 50s style and all that it encompassed – and has made it her own. Old with a modern twist.

Her look is lots of retro curls and big eyeliner in the manner of screen sirens of yore. If Mad Men were real, we have a feeling Lana would be running the company, while dolled up in formfitting outfits of course!

It was with a great deal of excitement that we saw Lana started following StyleRocks on Twitter!

This of course, begs the question – how do you customise jewellery for her? What would Lana choose? What would she wear?

Looking through her photos, she seems to like gold and necklaces – we photoshopped this to add a star, evoking her star status in the music world! The star is actually rose-gold (although it looks silver), to suit the overall colours of the photo

Source: Lana del Rey Facebook page

Other ideas we had included creating a simple necklace with sunglasses to evoke that 50s era – we’ve created it in 18ct rose gold , but of course Lana might choose for it to be yellow gold, or silver, or even have the chain in one colour, the sunglasses in another…such is the flexibility of StyleRocks!

But let’s say that just representing her style through sunglasses isn’t enough: she has many more facets of her personality. So we’ve created a charm bracelet, with lots of different charms to represent different aspects of her life:

Continuing with rose gold, we’ve designed the ‘Lana’ bracelet – customised to describe her and her lifestyle:

– Lipstick – but of course! The 50s = lipstick!
– Coffee cup – with her busy lifestyle, surely coffee plays a part in it
– Airplane – how she gets from A to B
– Lollipop – now, we don’t know that Lana likes lollipops but something about it resonates with the image she projects.

This particular bracelet – because its all 18ct rose gold – comes in at just over $3500…but if you wanted to achieve the rose-gold look for less, you could design it in silver and plate it in rose gold – this would cost a fraction of the price at just under $900. That’s where StyleRocks really comes into its own – as the customer, not only are you designing jewellery exactly as you want it, you control the price too.

What do you think? What would you have added to Lana’s charm bracelet?

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