StyleRockin’ with the media in Singapore

As part of the recent trip to Singapore for StyleRocks to participate in the inaugural DEMO Asia, thanks to Microsoft’s scholarship, I coordinated a number of visits to the Singaporean media. I met some very interesting people and publications, including Female Brides – a niche bridal magazine, Her World Brides – which is more mainstream. I also met with The Straits Times, the national broadsheet, and met one of the group editors from Media Corp who has a raft of publications in her stable, such as Elle, Style, Men’s Style and Style Weddings.

While all very different in their target markets (brides, the general population, women’s fashion and men’s fashion), there were some unified comments across the board:

1. “This site is so cool!” Why thank you very much – yes it is.
2. “I haven’t seen anything like this before”. This is also correct: nothing like StyleRocks exists at this point in time. No one else – globally – offers you the chance to build your own jewellery: add a rose to a ring/bracelet/necklace and then customise it – metal, finish, plating, etc – to make it just right for you or your gift recipient.

These meetings were invaluable in confirming my pitch, made over email and phone, that StyleRocks really IS a revolutionary, world-first, design-your-own jewellery website. And with BILLIONS of jewellery combinations, there is something for everyone.

I definitely got the impression that some people found it a bit surprising that a mum of twins can conceive and execute this idea into fruition in a short space of time – 9 months. Just like having another baby in some ways! But perhaps that surprise is tied to their own predetermined ideas around what mums can or can’t do.

My previous working life – which I enjoyed very much – was in marketing & communications for blue chip financial services companies, both in Sydney and London. However, the thread of my career was very much about bringing new products to market: new buildings, new companies, new online wealth management platforms. So much of the experience and skills I gained in that career, I’ve been able to apply to my StyleRocks life. Many of the principles and considerations are the same: market research, suppliers, distribution, fulfilment, etc.

SG entrepreneurs interviewed me, during the DEMO conference, on the female aspect of being an entrepreneur: did I think being female was a help or hindrance. Well, as I’ve no experience of being a male entrepreneur, I could only talk about what I know – and that is, being a female entrepreneur DEFINITELY puts you in the minority, and by virtue of this, you tend to stand out more!

All in all – some invaluable meetings – now let’s just hope they translate into coverage!

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