Sometimes you just want a pink ring

Lately, in talking about StyleRocks and how it offers customisable jewellery, I find myself saying ‘And sometimes, you just want a pink ring’. People nod knowingly, even the men!

There are lots of reasons why StyleRockers use the StyleRocks website:

Because customising your jewellery is affordable
Because it’s easy – and convenient. No more running in and out of stores
Because it’s beautiful jewellery
Because it’s quality jewellery

And then there’s the choice aspect. Typically, you walk into a jeweller and they have a particular ring in 2 different coloured metals (perhaps) and a couple of different gemstones; no more, as they then have to carry inventory. But at StyleRocks, because we’re a no-inventory model, we’re able to offer up to 9 different metals and a range of 16 gemstones for any one ring; the style of ring is what drives the customisation selections. And this choice brings with it 3 trillion customisable jewellery options!

So my audience – women, men, media, investors – they hear me list the points above. And they raise their eyebrows when it comes to the 3 trillion combinations. It’s a lot! But the comment about sometimes simply wanting a pink ring seems to resonate – perhaps because it’s such a simple idea, and conveys that idea of must/need/have to have it.

And speaking of pink rings, we’ve just added rose quartz to our range, so here it is in our popular round brilliant cut style, and cushion checkerboard too.

round brilliant cut rose quartz silver ring  cushion checkerboard rose quartz rose gold ring

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m talking about pink – a colour that seems to elicit emotions (either of love or hate!) from most people.

At any rate, I’ll be continuing to use the phrase of ‘Sometimes you just want a pink ring’ to convey the simplicity of StyleRocks’ customisable jewellery options!

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