September birthstone: Sapphire

Happy Birthday to everyone born in September – your birthstone is sapphires!

Now, sapphires are one of my favourite stones, and one of those reasons is because of the intense cornflower blue colour associates with them. In Greek, sapphire literally means ‘blue’ and some of the finest examples of blue are seen in Ceylon sapphires. The most famous sapphires have been mined in Ratnapura in Sri Lanka, as I covered in this blog post here. However, Australia also has a big sapphire mining industry, as I covered in this blog post here.

And of the well known sapphire wearers (yours truly included!), we have of course the Duchess of Cambridge – our modern jewellery icon – with her very famous sapphire engagement ring.

Image: Google

Other sapphires available are green sapphires and pink sapphires too: recently we introduced (hydrothermal ie manmade) pink sapphires on the StyleRocks website and they have been POPULAR! Our favourite is the emerald cut pink sapphires cocktail ring as we see in this photo below.

I wear this particular ring often, and I can’t describe the number of times I have women (some known to me, some strangers!) literally grab my hand, shrieking ‘Where did you get THAT?!’!! It’s really quite stunning – and all for just $292.95!

So if your birthday is in September, why not customise your jewellery with this beautiful birthstone? The blue sapphires are available as little luxury touches: personalise your heart pendant, or add a sapphire to his signet ring. Personally, one of my favourite designs on the StyleRocks website is at the pricier end: this eternity ring with blue sapphires.

Happy Birthday Sapphire StyleRockers!

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