What on earth do you give to an iconic influencer?

Recently I had the good fortune to be invited to a Business Chicks lunch by the team at Women in Focus. This lunch was particularly exciting because the guest speaker was none other than Candace Bushnell, the author of the book behind that iconic show, Sex And The City. A long-time fan of SATC, I’ve also long been a fan of Ms Bushnell’s writing, having read a number of her other books including Trading Up, and 4 Blondes.

So it was with great excitement that I got ready for the big day to be held at The Westin, in Sydney. I was intrigued as to what her personality would be like. Would she be like Carrie of SATC; fun, feisty and fabulous? Or would she be the complete antithesis?

It turns out that Carrie is her amped up alter ego, as a writer – but in person, Candace was just as fabulous as Carrie. In fact, there was more than a passing resemblance to her! She’s absolutely tiny, with a petite frame and big blonde curls. With fabulous shoes too, natch.

Not only was she looking great, she was clearly passionate about her beliefs: on writing, on men, and NY life. Certainly she admitted drawing on quite a few of her – and her friends’ – stories to come up with those in her  SATC book. And isn’t what all great writers say? Draw upon your life experiences – write about what you know. Interestingly, she struggled to make it for quite a few years and when she had the concept for her book, everyone in publishing told her that “no-one would be interested in a story about a young woman’s experience in New York.” Wrong!

But for me, there is an even greater story to be told about the day. You see, last year, Women in Focus commissioned StyleRocks necklaces to be made for a conference they were having. In looking at the StyleRocks site, offering customizable jewelry (with some 3 trillion combinations!), they had seen our Dream and Believe necklaces, inspired by the famous ‘Carrie’ necklace of SATC. Women in Focus wanted to make a range of necklaces customised to them – and of course, Inspire, is one of the words in their mantra (Inform and Connect are the other two, but they didn’t seem as…wearable, jewellery-wise!).

Working together, StyleRocks produced a range of these necklaces for Women in Focus. So of course, gifting Candace one of these necklaces was…an obvious choice. You can see it in this picture (courtesy of Jessica Abraham photography) here:

Candace LOVED the necklace: she squealed ‘I haven’t got one of these!!’ with great excitement and then proceeded to wear it  – unanticipated by me! – for the duration of the interview as seen in this StyleRocks photo here:

And afterwards too :

This photo below though is my favourite – you can see I’m trying to do up the necklace (hands shaking a little with nerves – don’t want to mess up that perfect hair!) but Candace looks really happy about receiving such a beautiful – not to mention appropriate – gift.

Karen James of Women in Focus loves to share the connections that their community makes. And this was a perfect example: SATC inspired the StyleRocks necklaces, from which Women in Focus ordered their ‘Inspire’ necklaces, which I was then able to gift to the creator of SATC – as a guest of Women in Focus.

Everything that comes around…!



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