Russian Ring, Rolling Ring, Trinity Ring: Fabulous By Any Name

What most know as a Russian Ring—three intertwined bands of gold that form a complex yet elegant single piece of jewellery—goes by other names as well. According to some, it was first designed in 1924 by famed jewellery craftsmen Louis Cartier and called the Trinity Ring.

Cartier and some other jewellery makers still use the name Trinity Ring or the Trinity de Cartier; others use the term Rolling Ring to describe the way the three intertwined bands of this unique piece of jewellery seem to roll into each other, one flowing into the other in a cycle as endless as the love these rings are meant to represent.

Most of the world, however, maintains the name Russian Ring, based on the belief that the three bands of gold looped through each other stems from a traditional Russian design that pre-dates Cartier’s “invention” of the Trinity Ring. Investigating the supposedly Russian origins of this ring doesn’t yield much evidence to support the theory – indeed the ring was first thought to come from the old French, ‘Gimmal Ring‘ –  but the name has stuck regardless.

No matter what you call it—Trinity Ring, Rolling Ring, or Russian Ring—there’s no match for their beauty or their elegance, Giving the gift of a custom Russian Ring or Russian Ring necklace is a superb sign of love, commitment, and caring that reaches from the past, encompasses the present, and stretches far into the future.

StyleRocks can help you select and customise a Russian Ring or Russian Ring necklace that suits your style and exemplifies your love. Shown here is the ‘Willow’ in a mix of three golds – white, yellow and rose – one of the most popular styles and metal combinations in the StyleRocks Russian Ring range.

StyleRocks Russian Ring in three golds – ‘Willow’

Also very popular is the ‘Juno’, wider than the Willow at 4mm wide for each band. People seem to love this particular style in the rose gold.

StyleRocks Russian Ring in rose gold – ‘Juno’

Start designing your custom Russian Ring today!

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