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Russian ring necklaces from StyleRocks

Russian Ring Necklaces

Russian ring necklaces are great at making a statement, but most especially at capturing the imagination of our customers. One of the most unique ways to hold your loved ones close to your heart, Russian ring necklaces from StyleRocks allow you to completely customise your necklace in a way that reflects those people who are most important to you. The necklace is a beautiful gift to give yourself, or to give to someone you love.


The intertwined loops of Russian rings symbolize the bonds of love and unity you share with your loved ones. The rings move freely, while always remaining beautifully intertwined.

Unique – and unique to you

Engrave the names of the important people in your life — your spouse, children, family members, or dear friends. Or how about dates that hold significance? Even a phrase that has significant meaning to you can be engraved on the three- or four-ringed Russian ring necklaces.

Because each item from StyleRocks is made unique for each order, you can take satisfaction that it has been created just for you. And, with your particular engraving selection of names or dates, this russian ring necklace is unique to you. No one else in the world will have one like it.

We’re proud that the beautiful Russian ring necklaces are our best seller because we know our customers find significance and meaning in the jewellery they choose to wear.

  Russian ring necklaces from StyleRocks

We’re also proud that StyleRocks Russian ring necklaces are worn by those we admire, like Oscar-winning Cate Blanchett. Here she is, wearing the ‘Charlotte’ Russian Ring necklace in sterling silver, engraved with her children’s names.

Russian Ring Necklaces from StyleRocks

When you design your own Russian ring necklace with StyleRocks, you can choose from three rings or four rings, the colour of precious metal that bests suits you, the length of the chain, and the inscriptions that will make this piece of jewellery your very favourite to wear.

Russian Ring Necklaces from StyleRocks

Russian Ring Necklaces From StyleRocks

How will you design your Russian ring necklace?


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