Russian ring necklaces, bangles and rings – all at once

How to wear Russian ring necklaces, bangles and rings – all at once!

Russian Ring necklaces started it all…

Last year when we introduced our ‘Charlotte’ Russian Rings necklace, we had no idea that this image was going to be so popular.


What followed was such demand that we had to quickly introduce lighter and smaller versions of the necklace, such as the Alexandra.


Russian Rings followed quickly


And then we introduced Russian rings – particularly popular has been the ‘Willow’ in 9ct multi-gold.


Russian ring bangles were also brought in


And not to be left out, some bangles – the ‘Diana’ in sterling silver has been a favourite.


So on a recent photoshoot for our new four ring Russian ring necklaces, we took the opportunity to shoot all these items retrospectively!

Model here is wearing the Charlotte necklace in sterling silver, the Diana bangle in sterling silver, and the Willow ring in 9ct multi-gold.


Which is your favourite item: Russian ring, necklace or bangle?

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