Review of StyleRocks’ first month

It’s been a a little while between posts. In fact, more than a little while! I last posted back in October, just before we went into tech overdrive trying to get the website delivered – beautifully! – to you!

There were some *ahem* technology issues with delivery of website and generally, it was a pretty crazy period. It was a bit of a blur, involved many 18 hour days but finally we got it to you. As with any website, it’s a constantly evolving thing – but I must say, I’m pretty happy with what you see today.

We’ve had quite a few sales in our first month of trading, which meant that we were busy busy busy in the period leading up to Christmas! Particularly interesting has been the choices StyleRockers have made with regards to their jewellery. Our best sellers have been (in no particular order):

1. Red agate cushion cabochon ring

2. Bow necklace with ruby

3. Blue topaz emerald cut earrings

4. Half eternity ring with amethyst

5. Rectangular cufflinks (shown here with amethyst)

Interesting to note that nearly all of these popular orders involve gemstones, and every order had silver as its metal. I had anticipated gemstones/silver to be popular, but to this extent. The other interesting fact which I had not anticipated at all was that 80% of our 1st month of orders came from men! I attribute this to the convenience/ease factor of StyleRocks, and knowing exactly what it is that they’re going to get. Not to mention, the ‘brownie points’ factor: “Sweetie, I designed this for you MYSELF!”

So overall, it’s been a good month, we’ve learnt a lot and are making modifications to various parts of the business going forward – bring on 2012!

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