Research, research, research

One of the things that I learned in my marketing studies and again when working for various financial services companies was research, research, research.

The importance of knowing what your customer thinks and says about you is paramount! This was really brought to life by Andy Lark at the Women in Focus Noosa conference.

When we started StyleRocks, we did a LOT of research: we looked at what was selling in stores, what was selling online, and what people wore. All this information influenced our initial selection of – ahem – 3 BILLION combinations of jewellery customisation!

We also did a lot of market research with focus groups which helped shape the product offering, tested out some customer service points and influenced pricing.

Of course, once you actually LAUNCH your product/service, it’s a different proposition! Are the messages you WANT to communicate getting through to your target market correctly? Is what you built being used how you intended it?

We’re always looking to improve StyleRocks. So for the chance to win one of 3 x $100 credits on offer, start the survey here! (It may sound obvious, but spend a bit a bit of time looking at the website first before answering the questions!)

Good luck!

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