Red carpet, Reviews and Rubies = The Emmys

Another red-carpet moment around the globe, this time with The Emmys!

Jewellery was on display as you would expect – Gwyneth Paltrow wearing over USD300,000 worth of diamond bracelet (that’s a whopping 50 carats!) – but from what I’ve seen, red stones, particularly rubies, were the flavour of the day. Heidi Klum went a little flower-power on us with her ruby earrings as we see below:

Particularly spectactular were these earrings – I’m still trying to source exactly what kind of stone they are – but Anna Torv, an Aussie actress, wore them well:

On a related note to spectacular earrings, Sofia Vergara wore these emerald showstoppers:

[With thanks to our friends at Just Jared]

As you know, emerald has been a topic of discussion in the StyleRocks’ household recently, as seen in this post here.

But where was I?! Ah yes, distracted by jewellery. Gosh, that never happens 😉

Back to rubies. So of all the red gemstones – eg spinel, rubellite, garnet, jasper and carnelian are some others you may know – rubies are the purest form seen in any gemstone. Fine quality ruby is rare above three carats and is more valuable than all other coloured gemstones with the exception of some alexandrites. The most important source of the best quality ruby is Myanmar (Burma), while other sources of good quality ruby are Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Most rubies are routines and traditionally heat treated to improve clarity and drive out brown tones (this is an assumed and accepted process). Fewer than 5% of fine stone rubies are proven to be untreated and for this reason, drive very high prices.

StyleRocks will offer rubies as little luxury touches – so you’ll be able to add a little ruby to a locket, or perhaps to an eternity ring. But to recreate Heidi’s big red daisies…you’ll be able to do something similar – but with another red stone – one not as expensive as ruby!

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