Personalised Russian Ring Necklace: why they are a best-seller

Last year, StyleRocks introduced personalised Russian Ring necklaces, which have become a best-seller.Well, as StyleRocks is a customised jewellery company, they are in fact customised Russian Ring necklaces. Historically in jewellery world, personalised refers to the fact that a mass-produced item has been made personal through the use of engraving or sometimes stamping. Customised refers to the fact that the customer also gets to choose other factors such as metals, chain length, font and engraving etc. Wikipedia has a good definition of personalized, which also uses the word customized (somewhat interchangeably).

From a designer perspective, it’s been amazing to see the impact that these Russian Ring necklaces have had. But let’s recap the year:

The uniting power of the Russian Ring necklaces

These necklaces have a symmetry, a roundedness, a classical component which makes them so elegant. And what the picture doesn’t show, but real life does, is a fluidity as the rings move and roll around each other. There’s also a unity to this piece, which is made more obvious when we see this version of it:

AHHHH! All of a sudden, people understand the concept of unity: how to represent unity with their family and loved ones. With one piece of jewellery, many can be represented.

When Cate Blanchett wore a StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace

For the Oscar winning actress who creates magic for so many, we were thrilled we were able to create a little magic for Cate. Cate now wears a StyleRocks ‘Charlotte’ Russian Ring Necklace in sterling silver, engraved with her children’s names on it. You can read more about how we created magic for her here.


StyleRocks Russian Rings Necklace photoshoot

With the Charlotte Russian Rings necklace, I have always been mesmerised by the way they roll around each other and move – entranced by their symmetry and beauty you might say.

I also love all the reasons you might wear them – for you, for him, for your children. I love their timelessness  – that they can be worn at any age, and will never look out of date.

So the concept of Day & Night for our photoshoot began to take shape…here are some of the best photos from the photoshoot, which were then turned into a video (below)






So in summary: it would seem to be a combination a few things. Design, celebrity, amazing photoshoot pictures…what do YOU think?

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