Personalised or Customised Jewellery?

Personalised jewellery makes a meaningful and unique gift for major milestones and special occasions. Personalisation allows you to make a mass-produced piece of jewellery your own through engraving or stamping initials, a name or date, or some other significant message.

But when you want to create something more unique; when a mass-produced item simply won’t do, you want customised jewellery. ┬áCustomised jewellery means you can adapt the actual components of your jewellery — the metal, gemstone, pearl, necklace length, and more. You control your design. That means you can find the perfect complement to your outfits and the exact style you love, while making your own unique impact on your fashion.

StyleRocks Round Brilliant Cut Gemstone Cocktail Ring -- Customised Jewellery

StyleRocks Russian rings necklace -- Charlotte. Customised jewellery

At StyleRocks, custom jewellery isn’t just a nice addition to a jewellery line; customisation is the jewellery line. You are the designer.

Start with our gorgeous earring, necklace, ring, bracelet, and cufflink styles, and customise their metals, gemstones, pearls, engraving, and more.

StyleRocks Square Gemstone Hook Earrings -- Customised Jewellery

We are the only global website to offer full-service customisation capabilities. You’ll find similar — or better — options than what you can find at your local jeweller. And you can design your jewellery at home while the kiddos nap — or when you need a break in between work projects.

We must admit our design tool is a bit addicting. So grab a cup of tea, take a break, and sit in the designer’s chair. Because at StyleRocks, customised jewellery isn’t simply included — it’s what it’s all about.




People choose custom jewellery for a varitey of reasons — it’s difficult to find exactly what they want anywhere else, they want a unique piece to give for a gift, they want something sentimental to remind them of family, and more. Take a look at the video below for reasons why StyleRocks customers are turning to customised jewellery — and the impact it makes in their lives.

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