Peridot, August’s birthstone for a unique eternity ring

Peridot is August’s birthstone and a new twist on an old style makes it a great choice for a unique eternity ring.

Peridot is one of the few stones that only occurs in one colour – an olive green. Some sources suggest that the name comes from the Arabic word faridat, meaning ‘gem’. However, others suggest that it comes from classical Latin word of paederot – a kind of opal.

Peridot is largely found in Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Tanzania. Historically it was mined for over 3500 years in Zabargad, east of Aswan in Egypt. However, it was forgotten for many centuries and rediscovered only around 1900.

In the Middle Ages, peridot was brougth to central Europe by the crusaders and was often used for ecclesiastical purposes. The largest cut peridot ever found weighs 310 carats and was found in Zabargad – it’s now housed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. In Russia there are some cut peridots which came out of a meteorite that fell in 1749 in eastern Siberia – truly out of this world!

Our top eternity ring design here at StyleRocks at the moment is this yellow gold eternity ring set with peridot…this truly combines something old (a traditional eternity ring) with something new – the ability to customise jewellery using your birthstone – a perfect piece of bridal jewellery! Could your ring be more personalised?!

Yellow gold half eternity ring with peridot

And this kind of ring doesn’t have to be worn with your wedding or engagement ring; as it’s such a striking piece, you may want it to be showcased completely independently! The fourth finger of your right hand is good for just these sorts of jobs :-)

So go forth with confidence! Create something a little different, while paying homage to tradition – but above all, make it truly yours.

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