Pearl popularity

Since introducing our pearl collection early in April 2012, it’s been wonderful to see how StyleRocks customers have taken it up!

The most popular items to date have been the yellow gold ring with white pearl – customised jewellery specifically for its recipient – as we see in this photo here:

And here it is, ready for dispatch in its StyleRocks packaging

And the beautiful, simple, pink pearl bracelet has also been a winner too, with 2 orders of this item for Mother’s Day alone!

As the StyleRocks CEO, I always wanted to give StyleRockers lots of choice and enable them to customise their jewellery, personalise it to make it truly unique. That may be through designing a ring, engraved with a simple but special message inside. Or customising jewellery through choosing a birthstone specific to their recipient.

So the pearl collection – where you customise pearls by choosing the colour (pink, white or black), or the metal they come in (silver, gold) has taken me a little bit by surprise as the jewellery customisation options are far fewer!

At the end of the day though, how can you improve on a timeless classic such as a pearl?

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