What Does a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Say About You?

The pear-shaped engagement ring is a unique style that trendsetting women like Katherine Heigl effortlessly pull off. Even though its shape has been around since 1458, it continues to take on a modern look again and again.

Unique Shape = Unique Woman


The distinct shape is actually a hybrid of two styles — the oval and the marquise — and resembles a teardrop. Combining both pointed angles and curves, a pear-shaped engagement ring means you like to take the best of both worlds — that two is better than one. If you like to stand out, but still appreciate traditional beauty, the pear-shaped engagement ring combines both the show-stopping power of the marquise with the staying power of the oval look.

It’s even been said that “the woman who chooses this shape tends to set a high standard for herself and everyone around her.” We don’t know about you, but we think high standards are the only way to go.

Which Direction Should It Point?

Further adding to the pear-shaped engagement ring’s individuality is the ability to change its look with a mere switch in direction. Although typically worn with point facing down the finger, away from the hand, you can change the appearance by turning it around. For the woman who likes to change things up every now and then, the pear-shaped engagement ring is the perfect way to keep the look of your beautiful ring fresh through the years.

When worn the traditional way, the pear shape helps to create an elongating and slimming effect for anyone with small fingers.

How Should You Design It?

Sometimes, the best way to draw attention to something is to simply stand back and let it shine on its own. Certainly, in the case of the pear-shaped engagement ring, the simplicity of a solitaire draws attention to the diamond’s unique beauty. Side stones can also be a lovely effect. The diamond should be set with the prong in the point to prevent chipping.

Many women like to incorporate the pear-shaped diamond into their rings as side stones themselves, like in our ‘Olympia’, a round brilliant cut diamond with pear side stones engagement ring.


How Do You Choose Colour?

A pear shape is a beautiful way to capture sparkle. But because pear-shaped diamonds over one carat can appear darker at the tip, you’ll likely need to move up one colour grade than what you would normally choose for other shapes. At StyleRocks, we make colour selection easy with our three grades of central diamond for each style.

How will a pear-shaped engagement ring look on your hand?

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