Party jewels for party season: bright bold gemstone cocktail rings

Here at StyleRocks HQ, we sat down and thought about the party season. What do you wear? Which shoes? Which bag? But most importantly – WHICH JEWELS?

Where we got to was this: we’re doing bright, we’re doing bold, we’re doing it all at once.

Here are some photos from our recent photo-shoot, showcasing some amethyst, blue topaz and pink sapphire jewels.

Hands do all the talking; other jewellery was kept minimal – a combination of pearls & silver.

emerald-cut-pink-sapphire-ring, round-brilliant-cut-amethyst-ring, cushion-checkerboard-blue-topaz-ring, pink-pearl-drop-earrings
Wearing on hands (L to R): emerald cut pink sapphire, round brilliant cut amethyst, cushion checkerboard blue topaz. Pink pearl drop earrings

We teamed this fabulous coral Country Road dress – perfect for any party – with these amazing Witchery wedges.

Witchery coral wedges to go with the Country Road dress. Note a beautiful pink pearl bracelet makes its discreet appearance


The cushion checkerboard blue topaz ring really catches the light here

The emerald cut pink sapphire ring really is a standout here

Interesting how the pink sapphire doesn’t clash with the coral of the dress

Being our first official photo shoot, a Bellini (champagne + peach juice) was welcomed! And a pink pearl bracelet complemented the bold jewels nicely.

Bellini, anyone?

Here we see a close-up of a real crowd-pleaser, the cushion checkerboard blue topaz ring in sterling silver

Cushion checkerboard blue topaz ring

While a bit of inexperience meant there may have been a bit too much leg on show…

Dress is riding a bit high!

Overall, lots of fun – looking forward to to the next shoot! x

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