November birthstone citrine: what it is and how to wear it

If you were born in November, then your birthstone is citrine. We’re going to share with you what it is and how to wear it – but if you weren’t born in this month, please feel free to read on!

I don’t know a lot about citrine – what is it?

Here’s a little-known fact: citrine is heat-treated amethyst! And sometimes, it’s heat-treated smoky quartz. Bet you didn’t know that about this November birthstone!

Another little known fact is the origins of its name: ‘citron’ is French for ‘lemon’. And this of course refers to its light honey colour, although it can have deeper, richer more orange tones.

Where does citrine come from?

Brazil, Madagascar and the US, as well as inArgentina, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland and Spain are all the main sources of citrine.

Who is wearing citrine?

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has become a champion of citrine, especially for her earrings, as we see here. In terms of other celebrities, Naomie Harris is also a fan as we see here.

Our top picks for how to wear the November birthstone of citrine

Silver settings always look good and suit most people. These emerald cut sterling silver settings demonstrate this well – and make a perfect gift for someone whose birthday is in November!


From a personal perspective however, this yellow gold cocktail ring set with citrine is something I’m hoping to find in my Christmas stocking – hint hint Santa!!




How would YOU wear it?

One thought on “November birthstone citrine: what it is and how to wear it

  1. My birthday is in November and I absolutely love Citrine. I am so happy that the Duchess wears citrine frequently. My friends always said how ugly the stone is and they would not wear it but the “Kate Effect” has taken ahold of them. 😉

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