New: four ring Russian Ring Necklaces

Drumroll please! We’d like to introduce four ring Russian Ring necklaces!

“What’s that?” you say. “I thought Russian Ring necklaces were only made of three rings?”

That’s correct. Historically, actually, Russian Rings or Elizabethan ‘Gimmal’ rings were sometimes two or three rings interconnected, but over time, the ‘three ring’ version found favour. As we covered in our blog post here, the three rings were thought to represent the Holy Trinity.

When StyleRocks introduced its Russian Ring necklaces (the 3 ring version) as Mother’s Day jewellery ideas last year, the response was incredible, as you can read here. And when Cate Blanchett started wearing her Charlotte StyleRocks necklace, well, we loved the fact that we were able to bring a little bit of magic to the actress who has created magic for so many.

How did a 3 russian ring necklace become four?

Purely down to demand! We had that many enquiries about a four ring version – people messaging via Facebook, email and so on – that we thought we should introduce it.

It did require some design modifications though: the mechanics and physics are such that you cannot simply just ‘add another ring’.

Due to the weight of the existing ‘Charlotte’ necklce (some 60-odd grams – and that’ s in silver!), we decided to introduce a four ring version of the ‘Alexandra’, the 30mm version. Not only would it be less clunky, but it would sit better.

The design process required a few iterations but eventually the ‘Catherine’ – the 4 ring version of the Alexandra’ was born as you can see here.

stylerocks-catherine-russian-ring-necklace-rose-goldstylerocks-catherine-russian-ring-necklace-yellow-gold stylerocks-catherine-russian-rings-necklace-silver

And of course, all are fully customisable with chain length and engraving font:

stylerocks-alexandra-russian-ring-necklace-rose-gold stylerocks-catherine-russian-ring-necklace-rose-gold stylerocks-catherine-russian-rings-necklace-rose-gold


And introducing a smaller four russian ring necklace – the ‘Cate’

Cate being a dimunitive of Catherine you see!

Cate is the 20mm version of the four ring Russian ring necklace, which we can see here

stylerocks-cate-russian-rings-necklace-yellow-gold stylerocks-cate-russian-ring-necklace-silver stylerocks-cate-russian-rings-necklace-rose-gold

Some pictures from our photoshoot: shown here is the ‘Cate’ necklace in 9ct yellow gold, the ‘Catherine’ necklace in 9ct rose gold (and the ‘Willow’ ring in 9ct multi-gold)


What do you think? Are you a Cate or Catherine kind of person?

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