Nature’s jewel colours

I saw these rings and pendants on the Pomellato website.

While they’re not *exactly* my taste, I liked them a lot for a few reasons:

1. The blues in the rings match the stunning blues of this gorgeous day today here in Sydney
2. The range is inspired by Capri – one of the most amazing places on earth. The blues and greens are inspired by the Blue Grotto, the oranges by the colour of the bougainvillea bushes you find all throughout the island
3. This ‘mix and match’ element is something that you’ll be able to achieve with StyleRocks. Want the same shaped pendant and earrings to match? Create it yourself. Want the full spectrum of colours for earrings, pendant and ring? Not a problem.

Blue skies reflected in your jewellery, blue skies in how you can create your jewellery with StyleRocks!

Now – if I could just get myself to Capri to confirm those colours Pomellato have used in the jewellery are exactly as I remember them…

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