More London charms

And yet the unsettling news of the London riots continues. I hope that the government and the police reach an agreement regarding the best way forward, order is restored quickly, and my friends with their young families feel safe walking the streets once more.

To cheer ourselves up, let’s look at the wares of another London jeweller – Links of London. For those that don’t know it, Links is a a quality and fashionable jeweller who occupies the mid-market pricing space – somewhere in between Accessorize and Tiffany.

Links produces not only quality jewellery at affordable prices, but also creates signature pieces which often become ‘the’ thing – an example is this friendship bracelet, which you may have seen on various celebrity wrists.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of Links, as we saw in this post, with her iolite earrings.

However, Links do some classic pieces too; this charm bracelet is elegant and well priced. The idea of course, is that you add your charms to it from the range that Links offer.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea though if you could replicate the charms you’ve chosen for your bracelet on your pendant? Or on your ring? For example, if you were mad about daisies, you might want a daisy on your charm bracelet, a daisy pendant, and a daisy ring. StyleRocks lets you create that…whether you choose to wear it all at the same time is up to you!

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