To Mix, or Not to Mix? Men’s Two-Tone Wedding Bands

To mix, or not to mix?

That is the question. Should you choose one metal or two for your wedding band? Today’s man often appreciates the classic, elegant look that two contrasting metals bring to the traditional wedding band.


Men’s Two-Tone Wedding Band – Yellow Gold With White Gold

Why Men’s Two-Tone Wedding Bands?

Wedding rings certainly have a long history of meaning¬†although for husbands to wear wedding rings is something that started in the 20th century but one thing’s for sure — you¬†add your own meaning to your wedding ring. A wedding band will be with you for the rest of your life — each time you look down at your hand, your ring will be there, gleaming back at you as a reminder of the commitment you made; a reminder of the love you share with your beautiful spouse.

Trends come and go, and you certainly don’t want to choose a ring based simply on what’s popular now. Since you’ll be wearing your ring for your whole life, your wedding band must be in an “evergreen” style — that is, a style that will always be attractive.

However, you also don’t want to get bored of the appearance of your ring. The two metals of a two-tone wedding band help to infuse a bit of new life into your wedding band — every time you look at it.

What’s more, you can find beautiful symbolism in a two-tone wedding band. As Diamond-Jewelry-Pedia so eloquently put it:

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies, and a [wedding] ring is the token of love. So, wouldn’t it be apt to say, a 2 tone [ring] articulates – soul of love residing in two bodies!”

Add Some Style

Men’s wedding rings are typically a simple affair, especially when compared to the elaborate beauties of women’s engagement rings and wedding bands. The two-tone effect adds some style and variety to a ring that could otherwise be quite plain looking. Yet, the look still manages to produce a masculine and handsome effect, making men’s two-tone wedding bands the perfect choice for the modern man.

Two-Tone Wedding Ring. Yellow Gold with Rose Gold
Two-Tone Wedding Ring — 18 ct. White Gold with Yellow Gold


Two-Tone Wedding Ring – Rose Gold With White Gold

Will you mix metals for your wedding ring?

Start designing now.

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