With Master Craftsmen In Charge, Each Piece of Jewellery Is Flawless

Your jewellery adds depth and style to your outfits. It brings special memories to mind when you wear it. You may even (knowingly or unknowingly!) use your jewellery as a source of comfort in anxious moments, calming yourself by fidgeting with your ring or running your fingers over the engravings on your necklace.


But have you ever stopped to think about how those three words ‘I love you’ were engraved onto your exquisite necklace? Or how the gemstone that reminds you of the day your first child was born was placed in that beautiful ring setting? In fact, how did the shape of your earrings, ring, and necklace even come to be?

Master Craftsmen

At StyleRocks, we know that jewellery is more than just a pretty decoration. It’s unique to you, and it has meaning that reaches beyond the superficial. We know how important it is to get the shape, gemstone, polish, and engraving right so that you can feel beautiful, special, and confident.

That’s why each jewellery piece is created by master craftsmen in Australia. In fact, we use 6 separate craftsmen for every one piece of customised jewellery. Our craftsmen take care at each step of the 3-week process, and every step goes through quality control.

Take a look at our Russian ring making process — from start to finish (video below):

  1. A master craftsman prepares a master mould, which will be used to make a wax for each ring in the Russian ring necklace
  2. The wax is prepared for inclusion with the investment mixture in a casting flax, which then goes into a kiln
  3. The wax melts in the kiln, leaving a perfectly shaped investment mould into which liquid metal is poured at 1000 degrees celsius
  4. Once cooled, three or four rings are cleaned up and assembled into an interlocking necklace

StyleRocks Russian ring necklace. Made by master craftsmen        5. Beautiful, precision engraving is done with a machine operated with expert guidance
6. Once engraved, master polishers give the necklace a flawless finish

Our rings, earrings, and bracelets go through a similar process, with every step scrutinised for quality.


StyleRocks Russian wedding ring -- Willow. Made by master craftsmen StyleRocks four stone oval bangle. Made by master craftsmen

StyleRocks princess cut blue topaz silver drop earrings. Made by master craftsmen

StyleRocks onyx square gemstone earrings. made by master craftsmen

StyleRocks cushion checkerboard gemstone. Made by master craftsmen


StyleRocks round bezel set gemstone cocktail ring. Made by master craftsmen


We guarantee the quality of every piece of jewellery we sell. And with you as the designer, you’re sure to love your necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings upon arrival.

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