Make this Mother’s Day Special with a Russian Ring Necklace


Mother’s Day is coming soon on May 8 so make it special by gifting her a Russian Ring Necklace.

With their increase in popularity in recent years – as a function of their classic look and intricate design – these russian ring necklaces have really captured people’s imaginations of late. Here at StyleRocks, our Russian Ring necklace options – and the various versions that we offer –  have been among our most popular, followed closely by russian wedding rings and bangles.

The three rings of precious metal that make up the Russian Ring necklace represent a unity between past, present, and future, and are symbolic of the intertwined nature of lovers and family as they move through life together.


Customising Your Russian Ring Necklace

From the three bands of the Russian Ring itself to the chain your Russian Ring necklace sits on, every detail of your next piece of jewellery can be completely customised to your exact specifications. Choose your own colour(s) of precious metal, personalised engravings and inscriptions, and your chain length.

Why A Russian Ring Necklace is a perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Women often find it really hard to justify spending money on themselves, particularly as mothers. Often we put ourselves last when it comes to these sorts of things; a new pair of school shoes for little Johnny almost always takes priority. Here at StyleRocks, we see a lot of men purchasing for their wives (or mothers); they can see that a russian ring necklace will make her happy AND make him look like a hero. All he has to do is remember the children’s names (no problems!) and ta-dah! He’s purchased the perfect Mother’s Day gift. She feels recognised for her contribution to the family, and wearing the necklace around her neck is a wonderful way to keep her family close to her heart.

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