Lust Have It…

Here at StyleRocks, we recently discovered Lust Have It – you receive a monthly box of beauty, hair and nail goodies, from top quality brands, for a very reasonable charge of $14.95 per month!

This is a *fantastic* way of trying out what works best for you without committing serious expenditure. Speaking personally, I know my skin doesn’t like a lot of brands/products – even if my best friend is raving about the new ‘miracle cream’. Skincare is such a personal experience and I dread to think of all the money I have literally thrown away over the years. For me, Lust Have It is a great idea and one that I personally endorse!

Lust Have It recently came to StyleRocks with an interesting proposition: it was their 1st birthday coming up, and they wanted to reward their dear Lust Have It subscribers with a special gift! StyleRocks to the rescue!

Each recipient would get a beautiful StyleRocks box, with a pair of A grade white freshwater pearl button studs, with sterling silver backs. Here’s a photo:

Here’s a link to some similar A grade white freshwater pearl earrings on the StyleRocks website

What a present! Lust Have It clearly *love* their customers…lucky them!

And even better – any Lust Have It customer is entitled to 25% off their first StyleRocks purchase by entering the special code that was included with the box. This will entitle them to customise their own jewellery; design their own ring, perhaps choose a white pearl bracelet to match the earrings, personalise it – make it their own!

Will you be one of them??

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