Jewellery inspired by travel

Ah, two topics I hold very dear to my heart! I’m very fortunate to have accomplished lots of travel in my time – what I’ve discovered is that the more places I cross off my ‘must visit’ list, the more places I add to that same list…Travel definitely forms part of the StyleRocks collection – as you will discover when we go live!

One of the cities I’ve visited, which inspired part of the StyleRocks collection and influences various components in it, is Shanghai. Wow, what a metropolis. No, a megalopolis. I couldn’t get over the population size – 30 million when I visited, which was a few years ago now. That’s the entire population of Australia plus another 30%!

The skyscrapers seemed to go on for ever – their height really contrasted with the colonial buildings along the Bund, particularly the HSBC building and its neo-classical style. Other architectural points of note in Shanghai were the Peace Hotel, and of course – very relevant to StyleRocks – the Pearl Tower. The HSBC building and Pearl Tower are separated by the Huangpu River, which winds through the city. The day we visited – and every other day I imagine – it was filled with vessels, many of them the famous junks.

I was prompted of these recollections of Shanghai when I spotted these amazing earrings by Cassandra Goad. They are definitely on my ‘must-have jewellery’ list  – another list which seems to grow, no matter how many items I tick off!

Titled ‘Shanghai’, they absolutely evoked the 1930s when colonialism ruled the city, and the whole era smacked of opulence and luxury. The design description says they were inspired by the bend in the Huangpu River – but for me, they make me think more of images in the first few scenes of ‘Empire of the Sun’ – when pre-war life was easy, glamorous and decadent.

Composed of diamonds and aquamarines, the latter have been produced in 3 different ways: cabochon, oval facets and briolettes.

Can you guess which part of the earring is which kind of aquamarine?


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  1. Hello Scali

    These earings are fabulous, but we both know that they must belong to me as they would be the perfect compliment to my engagement ring!


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