Jewellery icons and women throughout history

My post on jewellery got me thinking about iconic jewellery wearers throughout the ages.

In the context of Egypt, Cleopatra certainly was one of the more famously decorated icons. Whatever her representation, whether it’s with a casino, or the movies, she invariably wears a headdress, a necklace of some description, as well as rings or earrings. Her choice of materials? All in gold of course, that symbol of luxury associated with riches and royalty.

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If we move forward some some 1500 years, we encounter our next influential wearer of jewellery – Queen Elizabeth 1. It was in the Tudor era that pearls became famous and came to symbolise wealth and royalty and the Queen demonstrated this passion as we see in the images below.

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Interesting to note HOW many pearls she’s wearing in the second image – this portrait is in commemoration of her defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. To signify her global dominance, not only is her hand resting on the globe, but her many layers of pearls (in contrast to the 1546 portrait on the left) demonstrated her elevated international status.

And our final entrant before we enter the twentieth century is not a likely candidate but is also part of the English monarchy – Queen Victoria. The Victorian era was one of great prosperity and change for Britain in a number of ways, and marked a significant expansion of the British Empire. Her jewellery marked the era of a new dawn in terms of demonstrating riches, and that is through diamonds. Here we see her famous crown, made of 1187 diamonds, and another famous item is this incredible diamond necklace and earrings set.

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