Jewellery for the Duchess of Cambridge’s tour to India and Bhutan

Jewellery designed to commemorate the Duchess of Cambridge’s tour to India & Bhutan in April 2016. StyleRocks has collaborated with the leading Kate Middleton blog, WhatKateWore to produce a range of jewellery inspired by the Duchess’ travels.

This style of collaboration is not new: StyleRocks and WhatKateWore teamed up in April 2014 to produce the iconic Terre-et-Mer necklace.

StyleRocks yellow gold terre-et-mer necklace with white pearl

Inspired by those quintessentially Australian things, the Australian bush, as represented by the eucalyptus leaf, and the sea, as represented by the pearl. This collaboration was a great success for the WhatKateWore readers. You can read more about the design background in our blog post here, as well as on the WhatKateWore and the StyleRocks Pinterest board.

It was with great excitement that we both learned of the coming visit to India and Bhutan. It meant another opportunity to come up with some beautiful jewellery, representative of the destination and something that the Duchess would wear.

India particularly in fact is one of the largest global diamond dealing hubs, largely because many diamonds are mined there. In an interesting piece of history, and especially relevant to the Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal family, is the fact that the Koh-i-Noor diamond was found in a province of India in the 13th century. For those not familiar with it, this particular diamond is part of the Queen Mother’s Crown, considered part of the Crown Jewels, housed in the Tower of London.

The creative journey then consisted of determining what and how best we could represent these countries with beautiful jewels!

The lotus flower is iconic in India’s culture – long seen with the goddess of learning, Saraswathi, perched on the lotus – it has taken on a mythological status. Not only that, the lotus flower represents both beauty and non-attachment. It therefore seemed the logical choice for which to create some designs, some of which we see below. As with all StyleRocks jewellery, they can be customised by choosing the metal – sterling silver, 9ct gold (yellow, white, rose) and chain length.

Lotus-flower-necklace-yellow-gold lotus-flower-necklace-silver-white-gold Lotus-flower-necklace-rose-gold

Further, we thought it would be fantastic to offer extended customisation through being able to add precious gemstones – those traditionally associated with royalty – to the lotus flower. To that end, you can customise the lotus with a 3mm round brilliant cut diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby or amethyst. A few of our favourite combinations are seen here.

Lotus-flower-necklace-yellow-diamond Lotus-flower-necklace-silver-sapphire Lotus-flower-necklace-rose-amethyst

Then, eastwards to Bhutan! This was quite a simple creative decision – the Bhutanese national flower is the poppy. What was interesting to learn however was that it was considered a myth until its sighting was confirmed in the high alpine regions. You can read more about the Bhutanese poppy here but below are some of our favourite metal/gemstone combinations with the poppy.

Poppy-necklace-yellow-amethyst Poppy-necklace-silver-ruby Poppy-necklace-rose-diamond

Finally, we wanted to create a third, geographically neutral design which didn’t favour either India or Bhutan. After some back and forth, we arrived at the idea of the Tree of Life – a symbol of Buddhism which is the religion of both countries.

Tree-of-life-yellow-emerald Tree-of-life-silver-diamond Tree-of-life-rose-ruby

Which is your favourite piece of jewellery?

2 thoughts on “Jewellery for the Duchess of Cambridge’s tour to India and Bhutan

  1. I am from Sri Lanka – the pearl on the Indian Ocean – and have been following whatkatewore for as long as I can remember.

    I love StyleRock’s jewellery collection as it is unique in and of itself, and then it becomes personal as you graciously customise each piece to suit the individual taste.

    Love the Bhutanese poppy, particularly in rose gold with the diamond because it looks so feminine. I also adore the detachable drop earrings – a style which is not available in Sri Lanka.

    Thank you, both whatkatewore and StyleRock for affording people like us to follow such fashion.

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