Jewellery and chocolate – where’s the connection?

Jewellery and chocolate

Jewellery and chocolate are both loved by women everywhere #fact!

However there’s another more technical correlation.

This video talks about how customers can download a piece of software…with which they can sketch the kind of chocolate they’d like to make. They can then send the 3D CAD file to a machine in a local shop and pick up their chocolate 10 minutes later.

Awesome news for chocaholics everywhere!

The similarities between this chocolate making and the process behind StyleRocks is not dissimilar: StyleRockers can use the website’s jewellery configurator to create the exact piece of jewellery they would like.

This is the pink button where you ‘Start Designing’ on StyleRocks to configure your fine custom jewellery, exactly as you want it

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.53.15 pm

This jewellery image you see on screen is essentially comprised of a number of CAD files; the information comes through to our jewellery manufacturer, and the order is input into the wax printer.

How wax printing works in jewellery

The wax printer prints your jewellery item as a 3D item –  once the wax model is approved, the item is then ‘cast.’ This is where the jeweller places the wax model in a casting machine and fills the machine’s container with plaster.

The plaster is allowed to harden around the wax model; an access hole is made so that the molten metal (silver, 9ct / 14ct / 18ctgold) can be poured in. The molten metal liquid being poured inside the plaster mould immediately dissipates the wax model. Once this is ready – and any stones added, or engraving performed –  your fine custom jewellery item is cleaned and polished. And there you have it!

Jewellery or chocolate: your call

You can see why it takes 2-3 weeks to create your perfect piece of jewellery: there are quite a few steps in the process. What’s more, we’re very fussy: we want you to be absolutely delighted with your piece of jewellery. So if we don’t think it’s right, or meeting the quality standards we set ourselves, we’ll make it again.

Chocolate. A quicker production process, quicker reward.

StyleRocks. Longer timescales but worth the wait for a perfect piece of jewellery. And the reward  – satisfaction of having created the item yourself, something you think about every time you wear it – lasts much longer than a serotonin spike.

Don’t you think?

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