January birthstone: Garnet

Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Birthday to all StyleRockers born in January!

Your birthstone is garnet, which is available for jewellery purposes mostly in two kinds: Almandine, and Rhodolite. Almandine is typically a dark red stone in colour, and is the one that we offer here at StyleRocks, used as little luxury touches on pendants or earrings or even as a half or full eternity ring, such as this one.

Almandine garnet is found worldwide but the countries known for mining garnet are mostly in Africa (including Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya amongst others), India, Russia, Pakistan and even here in Australia.
The other kind of garnet is called Rhodolite garnet, named after the mountain rhododendron, a magenta coloured flower that gresw in the mountains of North Carolina in the US; this is where the first rhodolite was found in 1882. The colour of this type of garnet is more purple than its almandine colleague. Like almandine garnet, it too is mined in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Brazil, Madagascar and Kenya.
Historically, garnet was the most popular gemstone used in Roman times, and we can see here in this sword hilt how the technique of garnet cloisonné (which simply means inlaid between partitions) was applied.

Image source: Wikipedia

Now, StyleRocks doesn’t offer swords (!) but of the jewellery items we do have, how would you use garnet?

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