Is this the prettiest of pink gemstone rings?

Is this the prettiest of pink gemstone rings you ever did see? Morganite, or ‘pink beryl’ is certainly our latest gemstone crush (*swoons*)! It can be used as a bridesmaid present or ‘just-because’ present. It could even be used as an engagement ring, following on from the current trend towards more coloured gemstones as the centre stones (emeralds, sapphires and so on).

A little-known stone up until now, we’re certainly starting to see morganite increase in popularity. Morganite, named after the banker J.P. Morgan (for whom this author used to work!) is also known as pink beryl. It can vary in colour, ranging from a really clear very pale pink colour to orange/salmon in nature. Originally found in Madagascar in 1910, it is now mined in Brazil, Namibia, Mozambique, Russia and Afghanistan.

What’s fascinating is to see how different settings can really make the nature of the stone work – or not. At StyleRocks, we offer customisable jewellery online. So, for this particular style of ring, we were able to choose which gemstone we wanted at the centre of this ring. In this instance, we chose morganite – but other pink gemstone options include hydrothermal pink sapphire. For this cushion checkerboard ring, you’re also able to customise your metal choice. Below is the same ring but in a white gold, and yellow gold setting (as well as the original rose gold). The yellow gold looks better than the white, doesn’t it?

Morganite Cushion Checkerboard White Gold Cocktail Ring
Morganite Cushion Checkerboard Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring
Morganite Cushion Checkerboard Rose Gold Cocktail Ring


But, certainly the rose gold setting looks best of all, because the pink tones in the rose gold sets off the morganite perfectly.

Morganite is certainly a more unusual stone, and it’s difficult to find in this size…which is why it becomes a more expensive purchase. However, at StyleRocks because we offer online jewellery customisation (rather than in-store) and because we have a partnership with Australia’s largest jewellery manufacturer, this means that we’re able to offer beautiful jewellery at affordable prices.

Which means that YOU can treat yourself!

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