Is 3 billion ways to customise your jewellery not enough?

The great thing about StyleRocks is that you customise your jewellery – womens rings, mens rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks – using a combination of customisation options.

– Customisation – or customization – as our US friends spell it, comes in the form of:
– Choosing your metal: silver or gold. If gold, what carat (9/18) and what colour
– Choosing your finish: shiny, brushed, matte
– Choosing whether you’d like plating: plating is like ‘paint’ – it’s a way to get the gold look if you don’t have the gold budget
– Adding precious stones for little luxury touches: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and so on
– Adding bigger semi-precious stones: amethyst, onyx, citrine and so on, to enable you to create a beautiful cocktail ring, like our best seller, the emerald cut ring. Blue topaz, pink sapphire and onyx (shown below) are the most popular choices here

– Choosing something from our charm range: We have Romance (hearts, roses, etc), Nature (stars, daisies) and many other charms that can be added to rings, bracelets or necklaces
– Choosing your engraving: you can write your own message or choose from a range of pre-defined messages in a variety of languages: French, German, Italian, etc.

With all the combinations and permutations available of the actual jewellery (not taking into account the engraving options), there´s over 3 billion choices of jewellery available. Yes, that’s right – BILLION!

We´re running some market research at the moment, among existing and potential customers. The feedback from potential customers to date especially is that they would like to see more choice. More choice! More than 3 billion! Note that existing customers are not saying that as much – so we have to take the feedback with a grain of salt: is it that people simply want to see THEIR particular style of jewellery on the website?

While we would love to give everyone the option as much choice as possible, we have to consider a few things: how many new styles do we create? In all the colours? Will the new styles be possible from a production perspective? Will they also be feasible from a cost perspective, given that our target price range is $100-$500?

We also have to think about the hours of time that the imagery will take – and of course, there’s no guarantee that people will purchase the new styles at the end of the process either!!

There’s definitely more scope for more product enhancements – would love to say what I’m planning but that would spoil the surprise! If you have any particular jewellery suggestions that would meet our criteria of affordable, quality jewellery, then feel free to send them through!

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