I would riot for this London ring

Like many of you, I’ve been shocked by the London riots this week. I’ve been especially shocked, given that the looting of Lavender Hill was right around the corner from where we used to live; a nice, family-oriented, genteel area. Part of me can’t believe that this would happen in that area – or in similar types of areas: Notting Hill, Camden and Hackney. Equally, the demographic profile of London is such that in every *nice* area, there are the more disadvantaged folk…so it’s not a stretch to see that this was opportunism by more than a few.

Soapbox aside, the elevated profile of the UK in the news got me wondering what natural gemstones were found in England, if any. And it turns out there are a few, including one of my favourites, tourmaline.

Tourmaline comes in a number of colours, in fact it occurs in every shade of the rainbow. While it has the largest colour range of any gemstone, most people are probably familiar with pink and green tourmaline. Tourmaline has traditionally been found in southwest England, especially in Cornwall.

So who better to create a beautiful piece of jewellery with this most English of stones, from this most English of counties, than this most English of jewellers – Cassandra Goad. Her stunning 18ct yellow gold iolite, amethyst and tourmaline ring with diamonds is shown below.

The tourmaline used here is the pink stone that you see – pink tourmaline is the most popular of all tourmaline colours. The amethyst is the purple stone in the middle, which I’ve discussed in a recent post, while iolite is the blue stone on the right. We’ve seen iolite earrings before on this blog; the Duchess of Cambridge wore them to the Ark Ball.

In the StyleRocks birthstone chart, we see that amethyst is the birthstone for February, while tourmaline is the birthstone for October (iolite isn’t a birthstone unfortunately). So you will be able to create a piece of jewellery with tourmalines with StyleRocks – exactly what you create is up to you! And yes, you can still use tourmalines even if you’re not an October baby 😉

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