How to: select jewellery for your skin tones

How to select jewellery for your skin tones

Are you wearing the best colours for your skin tones? You wouldn’t wear clothes that didn’t fit, or makeup that doesn’t suit, so why do it with jewellery? Jewellery is such a personal expression of your style, so it really does need to be right! But too often, we can fall in love with something that looks beautiful, but it may not be right for us.Read on to understand how you can choose the right jewellery for your skin tones, to make sure your bling looks extra sparkly!

Step 1: determine your skin tone

Remember, skin tone is not the same as skin colour! There are two skin-tones that apply almost universally to everyone –  cool and warm.  Look at the colour of your skin in natural light to see the colour of your veins; the wrists are a popular choice.

If your veins are blue, with pink or red undertones, your skin tone is cool. If your veins are green, with yellow or gold undertones, your skin tone is warm.

Step 2. Choose the most appropriate metals

Metals are easily divided into cool and warm colours.

Silver, white gold, platinum are all great for cool skin tones, while rose gold and yellow gold are best for warm skin tones.

Step 3:  Select the right gemstone

When choosing jewellery, you should prioritise the gemstone or pearl colour above the metal choice. After all, you’re going to notice it before you notice the metal! Really, the focus is the gemstone, while the metal colour serves to enhance that focus. It’s amazing how a beautiful gemstone can look washed out by the wrong metal choice.

Any gemstone with a blue base to it – pink, red, purple and some greens – bring vibrancy to cool skin. Any gemstone with a yellow base – orange, brown, yellows – suits a warm skin tone best.

We’ve put together some handy reference charts here. Have fun choosing!




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